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Vinyl Designs from Scrapcraze

Scrapcraze now offers Vinyl Designs!

Looking for a way to “jazz” up your interior walls without permanently altering them? Maybe you want to change your designs with the season? Or you’re in an apartment or other non-permanent residence.Our wall art and quotes are a perfect solution!

Vinyl Designs are affordable and easy to apply.  We design them to fit into your space, style and budget. We have designs pre-made that meet many styles, but we also take custom orders for that perfect fit!

Our Vinyl Designs range from single powerful words to detailed and creative sayings.  They can be ordered to put directly on your painted walls, or added to home decor items such as ceramic tile, wood planks, mirrors and more.

Quotes and art range from inspirational, motivational, religious, family, kids, subway art and more! We have many samples of pre-made designs for popular quotes, but feel free to ask about having your favorite quote created.

Contact LouAnn at  869. 653.  3531  for information on Vinyl Designs.

More photos and designs will be posted on this page soon!   Here are just a few examples of our designs: