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Anthology by Lisa Bearnson – News

{Anthology} by Lisa Bearnson coming soon!

Check out all the latest news and product sneak peaks from Lisa Bearnson’s exclusive new product line. Anthology by Lisa Bearnson is thrilled to be joining the Youngevity family of memory keeping products.
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What makes Anthology by Lisa Bearnson different?

We believe in bringing you high-quality, tried-and-true products and kits that will make your papercrafting fun and easy-to-do, without compromising on great design.

Watch Lisa Bearnson explain the concept behind {Anthology} – a collection of memories.

As you can see, Lisa is dedicated to not only bringing you High Quality, Fashion Forward products, but making them easy enough to use that even scrapbookers with limited time will find them enjoyable!  That’s why she created the Anthology line to be fun and creative, but also convenient to use.

Anthology Product Sneak Peeks

The official “launch” of Anthology by Lisa Bearnson will be in mid-August. We don’t have the exact date yet, they are making sure that everything is exactly ready to roll out in a big way! We are super excited to be able to share a few “sneak peeks” with you as they come in! Keep watching this page for updates!