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How to Adhere a Large Vinyl Wall Decal – Silhouette

Adhere Large Vinyl Wall Decal 1

We are in the process of updating and freshening all the paint in our home to get it on the market.  Once the pictures are removed and nail holes filled, it seemed a shame to put holes back in the walls.  But the large walls especially look so bare!

I decided to create a large vinyl wall decal to put at the top of the staircase. That way the walls won’t be damaged, and the new owners can easily remove them if they want to hang pictures.

This is a pretty large piece.  It’s almost 40″ wide and over 7″ tall.  It’s the first one I made this size and I could tell that I would need help installing it if I wanted it to be straight!  I followed this great tutorial on Silhouette School Blog.  I took a couple photos of my process also, since I was putting vinyl OVER vinyl rather than on separate lines.

How to Adhere a Large Vinyl Wall Decal

  1. Once your pieces are both cut, remove the excess vinyl (weeding) and put transfer tape over each. I use contact paper; it’s inexpensive and I can pick it up at WalMart. I’ve heard good things about real transfer tape but so far, contact paper is working well for me.
  2. On the base layer (FAMILY in my example), mark the center of your word on the transfer tape.
  3. On the top layer (script words in my example) mark the center on the transfer tape.
  4. Measure the width of your wall and mark the center lightly with a pencil.
  5. Using a tape measure or yardstick, measure down from the ceiling and mark the height you want your word hung on both “ends” of the word, so that you know it will be straight.  (I forgot to take this picture before I installed it, but this gives you an idea of how to measure!)
    Adhere Large Vinyl Wall Decal 2
  6. With the transfer paper still on the word, place it on the wall at the appropriate height and make sure it lines up with your marks  – so it is straight.
  7. Tear small pieces of painter’s tape and tape along the top edge of your paper as shown in the photo below.  This is what makes the “hinge” so you can keep your word straight when you apply it.  (Photo below shows the tape/hinge method on the top layer)
    Adhere Large Vinyl Wall Decal 3
  8. Flip the decal up, and slowly peel away the backing to expose the transfer tape and vinyl.  BE CAREFUL!! You need to hold the whole thing up so nothing falls down and sticks to the wall until you are ready.  Peel the backing off slowly, so you make sure all the vinyl is stuck to the transfer tape.
  9. Once you have all the backing removed, carefully lay it back down onto the wall. I had a helper because mine was so long. We started in the middle to make sure it was straight.
  10. Burnish the words with your scraper to make sure they are adhered well to the wall. Move slowly to make sure nothing stays on the transfer tape.  In the photo example below, part of the word was staying on the tape, so I laid that small section back to the wall and burnished again until it was stuck to the wall.
    Adhere Large Vinyl Wall Decal 5
  11. If you only have one layer, congratulations you’re done!  If yours is two layers like mine, repeat the same process with the top layer of words.
  12. Once it was all on the wall I went over it again with my scraper to be sure it won’t come off the wall.

Adhere Large Vinyl Wall Decal 4

Now step back and enjoy your beautiful wall decor!!!


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