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Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale through 12/2

 Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale!

Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale

We had some smokin’ hot Black Friday deals on Mialisia jewelry and now we’re following it up with even MORE deals — the Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale!  Save 50% on select pieces of Mialisia jewelry 11/30 through 12/2!  While supplies last — so don’t delay!!!

Mialisia specializes in VersaStyle™ jewelry. Interchangeable jewelry that converts into dozens of different looks and styles. It expresses your mood, attitude and personality, and provides today’s busy woman with convenient options and incredible value.

These are fabulous jewelry pieces; high quality; high fashion; LOW prices!

Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale : 17 unique pieces are included in this fabulous Cyber Monday & Beyond sale~!

Cyber Monday Mialisia Sale

Don’t delay –  only while supplies last or 12/2!!!

Bronze Hoop Earrings: These antique bronze hoop earrings complement any bronze necklace.  Half Price only $10.15!

Silver Hoop Earrings: These classic silver hoop earrings complement any silver necklace.  Half Price only $10.15!

Gold Hoop Earrings: These shiny gold hoop earrings add a touch of class to any gold necklace.   Half Price only $10.15!

Sunrise Necklace: Peaceful Moments Expressions strand featuring organic amber beads alternating simple gold circles. Measures 16 inches. Half Price only $10.15!

Aurora Earrings: Glass pearls dangle softly with gunmetal and silver beads on these earrings that are a perfect pairing for Aries, Polaris or nearly any silver necklace. Half Price only $9.45!

Daybreak Necklace: Create a mixed-metals look with any classic VersaStyle piece by adding the basic gold chain. Measures 17.5 inches. Half Price only $9.10!

Morning Glory Necklace: Rustic silver hoops attached to detail-stamped charms make up this delicate yet ornate chain. Measures 36 inches.  Half Price only $19.60!

Charming Earrings: Scrolling antique silver hoops are accented with golden, amber-hued beads, creating a decidedly charming look. They are an ideal complement to the Ambitious or Bold pieces. Half Price only $8.75!

Aziza Necklace: A necklace made for a princess with light airy glass beads and mystically diverse silver beads for an alluring necklace that can be worn alone, as an accent on a longer chain, or as a bracelet. Measures 22.5 inches. Half Price only $15.75!

Sassy Hoops Necklace: Antique silver hoops with polished, hammered and stippled designs are joined in this dynamic necklace that can also be added to a longer chain. Measures 20 inches. Half Price only $16.10!

Perfect Circle Necklace: Silver hoops mixed with shimmering circles make for a stylish bracelet or a sophisticated addition to a simpler necklace. Measures 20.5 inches. Half Price only $12.60!

Shimmer Necklace: New Day Expressions strand featuring a classic bright silver all-purpose chain. Measures 17.5 inches. Half Price only $8.75!

Full Moon Necklace: New Day Expressions strand featuring a dainty gunmetal chain. Measures 17.5 inches. Half Price only $8.75!

Long Island Necklace: This twisting antique gold chain is classically beautiful and versatile enough to be combined with several different necklaces. Measures 43.5 inches. Half Price only $12.60!

Sunset Necklace: New Day Expressions strand featuring an antique brass rectangular chain with industrial style. Measures 17.5 inches. Half Price only $9.45!

Savannah Blue Necklace: This bohemian beauty is crafted with antique silver accents and chains set with delicate turquoise and white beads for a necklace that’s stunning on it’s own or layered for a more dramatic look. Measures 28.5 inches. Half Price only $29.75!

Silver Dream Necklace: Small silver discs dangle from a light silver chain for an irresistibly feminine necklace that’s versatile enough to be worn alone or layered with another necklace for a more dramatic look. Measures 39.5 inches. Half Price only $19.25!


Mialisia VersaStyle Jewelry is a Unique Gift Idea

These jewelry pieces will add a fresh, fun look to any jewelry lover’s collection. Our VersaStyle system allows you to customize your jewelry to express yourself and to eliminate the limitations of traditional jewelry.

Not familiar with Mialisia VersaStyle jewelry? Check out this quick video to see just how fabulously unique these pieces are!!


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