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Anthology Sneak Peeks 2

Anthology Sneak Peeks 2

Here are more Sneak Peeks of Lisa Bearnson’s new line Anthology, which will be releasing in mid-August!

Who doesn’t love to get something in the mailbox these days that isn’t a bill or advertisement? I am one who loves social media, but there’s nothing like a hand-made card from a friend or family member to just light up your day with a smile! Anthology by Lisa Bearnson is making it even easier to create cards to send for a variety of occasions.

Just a reminder, with the thousands of fans that Lisa Bearnson has from her days at Creating Keepsakes Magazine, QVC and HSN, her limited edition products are going to SELL OUT!

Anthology Sneak Peek Hanging Around Cards

Anthology Sneak Peeks 2 – Card Kits!

Hangin’ Around Card Kit will be available in September. Each design centers around items that are “hanging,” like the baby items on the clothesline, the balloons hovering in the air, and the birthday wishes attached to a tree limb.

This kit includes everything you need to make 20 cards!


Anthology Sneak Peek Make Shake Card CEOMake & Shake Card Kit are as fun to make as they are to give!

Remember how much fun it was as a kid to pop bubble wrap, shake things to make noise, basically anything that will rattle & roll and make noise, especially if it’s sparkly!

This super fun card kit also includes everything you need to make 20 cards.  But – it is not available to order.

This card kit is ONLY available in the Anthology CEO kit which will be available as soon as Anthology launches!

Coming Soon – Anthology CEO Kit

What is the Anthology CEO Kit?? It’s a collection of the best items from Lisa’s Anthology line, designed to give you everything you need to start your own successful scrapbook business, as a member of Lisa Bearnson’s TEAM!

WHY would you want to join Team Lisa with this CEO Kit?

  • The products in Anthology CEO kit are 98% exclusive to the kit. Meaning, you cannot just order these items independently. If you want them, you need this CEO kit!
  • You will receive over $500 value in products and tools to help you build a successful scrapbook business!
  • By joining through me, you will be ON #TeamLisa! Meaning, Lisa Bearnson is your upline, and you will get exclusive benefits from being part of Lisa’s Team! (Not all HeritageMakers / Youngevity distributors are on Team Lisa, so choose wisely!)
  • You can create a great income from home, which is awesome for any moms out there! Work At Home Moms are able to manage their own time, and schedule their business to work around their busy family life!
  • And lots more… but just contact me if you have any questions about any of this!


Contact me with any questions!

Register now as a FREE Preferred Customer on my Youngevity site, so as soon as they launch you can order at the Wholesale Price and not be disappointed when they’re gone!

=====> REGISTER for FREE YGY Preferred Customer Account


Join Lisa Bearnson’s team for only $25, pay wholesale AND
share product with your family and friends!


Ask me how you can become a CEO on Lisa Bearnson’s team, for only $499
($399 until 7/31) and have your own profitable home business!
Lisa’s Anthology CEO Kit will be available in Mid-August!


Anthology Sneak Peek Gallery – click photos for larger view

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