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Anthology Sneak Peeks

Anthology Sneak Peeks

I am SO excited to share this amazing line with you! We finally got some “sneak peeks” to share with everyone!

You are going to LOVE these products! In Lisa’s words, this is a scrapbook line for the “busy scrapbooker.” With a fun fashion forward design including products, embellishments and idea cards, so anyone can complete projects in a short time. Plus you can customize and add your own flair to everything!

Anthology will have basic scrapbook products, but also fabulous monthly “limited edition” kits that are designed just for the busy crafter. Card kits and scrapbook kits. The kit storage is genius! And there will be Digital Scrapbook products too!

Lisa’s marketing team anticipates that especially the first few months, the limited edition monthly Anthology kits are going to SELL OUT. If you are at all interested in grabbing them, you want to register now as a FREE Preferred Customer on my Youngevity site, so as soon as they launch you can order at the Wholesale Price!!!

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I have so much more to share, but don’t want to write a book – just want to share pics! Contact me with any questions!

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Sneak Peek Gallery – click photos for larger view

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