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Scrapbook Industry Experts Influence Memory Keeping Products

Scrapbook Industry Experts

Three of the most influential women in the entire Scrapbook industry are now directing the Memory Keeping product line for Youngevity.

  1. memory-keeping-expertsSharon Gibb Murdoch, Co-Founder of Heritage Makers, an online Storybooking/Digital Scrapbooking/Home and Business Product company, officially started in 2004. Heritage Makers was sold to Youngevity in 2013.
  2. Rhonda Anderson, Co-Founder of Creative Memories, a Scrapbooking company she started in 1987.  She is also the founder of Our Memories for Life, a Youngevity brand created in 2014.
  3. Lisa Bearnson, Co-Founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine, created in 1996, a published author, and a hugely popular resource for anyone interested in the memory keeping industry.  {Anthology} by Lisa Bearnson, will be available exclusively through Youngevity in late Summer 2015.

As a publicly traded, financially stable company, Youngevity is now leading the way in memory keeping products! That’s what happens when you have 3 of the biggest Scrapbook Industry Experts joining forces with your company.

Youngevity is now the best source for your memory keeping products, training, and support community, which also results in the best Direct Sales/Network Marketing business opportunity available!

These three women bring influence and years of experience in the scrapbook industry. But they are also very passionate about the process of memory keeping, and helping others to not only preserve their family’s memories, but build a profitable business at the same time!

Scrapbook Business Opportunity

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn additional income while doing what you love, look no further! With these 3 powerful women directing our product line, Youngevity has everything you need and then some!

  • Digital scrapbook products including pages, story books, photo printing, canvas & metal prints and photo gifts through Heritage Makers.
  • Traditional scrapbook products including coversets, fabulous papers, journaling blocks, pens, border makers and other tools through Our Memories for Life.
  • Modern, fun scrapbook products including monthly kits, digital and more from {Anthology} by Lisa Bearnson (coming late summer 2015)
  • Another 2000+ products to choose from including mineral makeup, essential oils, pet care, spa & personal care, healthy products, energy & sports drinks and MORE!
  • Amazing compensation plan that isn’t just a “hobby business” but the potential to earn significant income.

Contact me today to find out more! I’d love to welcome you to Team Lisa and help you get your business started!!

team lisa scrapbook business opportunity


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