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Team Lisa Goody Bag

Woohoo!!  It’s a good mail day! Today I received my second “Team Lisa” goody bag! Team Lisa Goody BagSorry for the bad quality picture, I was so excited to open it up I didn’t wait for a great photo!

Team Lisa Goody Bag

Lisa Bearnson is sending samples of her favorite products from Youngevity to all members of her Youngevity team, known as “Team Lisa”.  If you’ve considered joining us on this journey now is the time!  Every “Team Lisa” member will receive a goody bag of product samples until her exclusive product line launches in late summer 2015.

This is my second Team Lisa Goody Bag.  The first bag contained some promotional items and also samples of the Youngevity Healthy Chocolate! Yes, there is such a thing, and yes, it tastes just like “normal” chocolate but is good for you! The Triple Truffle dark chocolate truffles have calcium vitamin D and magnesium for strong and healthy bones; reishi mushrooms for powerful immune support; and ethically-traded kosher-certified antioxidant-rich cocoa.

Pollen Burst Natural Energy DrinkThis second goody bag had another promotional item (a great vinyl word art “Anthology” for advertising) and a Pollen Burst Energy Drink plus SaXi Super Juice drink mix! These are Natural Energy Drinks from Youngevity and I’m super excited to try them!

Memory Keeping Product from Youngevity

Lisa Bearnson’s new product line is called “Anthology by Lisa Bearnson”. It is available exclusively from Youngevity. Lisa is now the Creative Ambassador over all memory keeping products in the Youngevity line.  This includes Heritage Makers (digital scrapbooking products, custom cards, canvas and metal wall art, photo printing), Our Memories for Life (Rhonda Anderson’s line of paper scrapbooking products, memory coverset albums, and scrapbook tools like paper trimmers, border makers, pens) and the new Anthology by Lisa Bearnson line.

Get Your Team Lisa Goody Bag

Remember, goody bags are being sent monthly to all members of Team Lisa until her product releases!  Don’t delay, contact me for information to join Team Lisa!

Ready to Join Lisa Bearnson’s Team?

You can choose ANY of the CEO kits at $499.00 to quality for additional bonuses AND Leads from Lisa! I personally chose the Heritage Makers kit so that I would have points to use toward a variety of products!

BUT you can join NOW for as little as $25 and get started building your business!!

Join Team Lisa ScrapCraze

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