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Business Opportunity Call LIVE with Lisa Bearnson

Don’t miss our Business Opportunity Call with Lisa Bearnson!!

Business Opportunity Call

We want to share with you, the opportunity to JOIN TEAM LISA!

Lisa is excited about her partnership with Youngevity, bringing her exclusive product line this summer, and also the other great products she has discovered from Youngevity! It’s available for you to listen to 24/7, whenever you have 20 minutes available!

TEAM Lisa Business Opportunity

24 Hour Recorded Call
Call in: 1-712-775-7039 Pin: 370616#

Ready to Join Lisa Bearnson’s Team?

You can choose ANY of the CEO kits at $499.00 to quality for additional bonuses AND Leads from Lisa! I personally chose the Heritage Makers kit so that I would have points to use toward a variety of products!

BUT you can join NOW for as little as $25 and get started building your business!!

Join Team Lisa ScrapCraze Business Opportunity

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