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Anthology by Lisa Bearnson coming to Youngevity soon!

Lisa Bearnson joins Youngevity

If you love crafts, you’ve no doubt heard of Lisa Bearnson, founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine and the woman who launched scrapbooking into the #1 Hobby in America. Recently she’s been a regular on both QVC and HSN showcasing great products with her trademark smile and enthusiastic personality.

Now Lisa has started a new venture with Youngevity; and YOU can be part of it!

Team Lisa Bearnson

Right now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a successful scrapbook business as part of Lisa Bearnson’s Team!  As a Personal Publishing Consultant you will have the opportunity to:

  • Help digital scrapbookers and photo enthusiasts create and publish fabulous project and photo gifts.
  • Help paper scrafters and traditional scrapbookers choose products to create scrapbooks, cards and more.
  • Share the exciting news of Lisa’s Team with others that may want to work WITH Lisa Bearnson on her exclusive team as part of their own business!
  • Share Lisa’s EXCLUSIVE new product line “Anthology by Lisa Bearnson” as soon as it launches this summer!
  • And… offer a huge array of products under the Youngevity umbrella to your customers – including essential oils, mineral makeup, spa products, healthy chocolate, nutritional supplements and more!

I don’t know about you, but I believe this will truly be an AMAZING opportunity!  How often do you get to start a business partnering with a celebrity?!?!

More Info to join Team Lisa

We have a fabulous recorded call that will give you some great information about joining Lisa Bearnson’s Youngevity Team!  It is well worth your time to listen to it – find out if this is an opportunity you are ready to jump on – and get back with me for details to join Team Lisa!  Team Lisa Bearnson Opportunity Call

Once you’ve listened to Lisa Bearnson explain why she’s joined Youngevity and invite you to join her team, give me a call and let me know you’re ready to begin!

All Heritage Makers/Youngevity team members will be promoting Lisa Bearnson, but not everyone is ON Lisa’s personal team! So be aware of that as you are making a decision on who to partner with!  As part of Lisa’s personal team, we receive training and support from Team Lisa, and investing at the CEO level also qualifies you for LEADS for new/potential customers and team members from LisaBearnson.com!

Bonuses for My Team!

I am building a successful team already, and would love to have you join!  Not only do we have fabulous resources to support you, but if you join Team Lisa with me as your sponsor, you will receive a gift from me!  Contact me to find out more!

Ready to Join Lisa Bearnson’s Team?

You can choose ANY of the CEO kits at $499.00 to quality for additional bonuses AND Leads from Lisa!  I personally chose the Heritage Makers kit so that I would have points to use toward a variety of products!

JOIN Team Lisa Bearnson and ScrapCraze

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