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Breaking News: Anthology by Lisa Bearnson!

Lisa Bearnson joins Youngevity

Join Team Lisa Bearnson www.scrapcraze.com

I am SO excited to share with you a secret that I’ve known for a couple weeks now!!!

Lisa Bearnson, founder of Creating Keepsakes magazine, has announced her partnership with Youngevity as Celebrity Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for their memory-keeping category, which includes the amazing brands of Heritage Makers (digital scrapbooking) and Our Memories for Life (traditional tactile).

Anthology by Lisa BearnsonLisa Bearnson www.ScrapCraze.com

As part of this partnership she will also be bringing her own EXCLUSIVE line of product – Anthology by Lisa Bearnson – coming summer of 2015!


Lisa Bearnson’s Story

Need more inspiration?  Watch this short video clip to learn Lisa’s story, and why she is so passionate about scrapbooking, memory keeping, and sharing this with others worldwide!

Join Team Lisa!

One of the most exciting things about this partnership is that Lisa has started a team, and I’m on it!  You can be on it too!  If you love scrapbooking, paper crafts, Lisa Bearnson, or just a FABULOUS ground-floor opportunity, then you really need to check this out!!!  We would LOVE to have you on Team Lisa!  I am happy to share all the details with you – or if you want to jump on this fast moving train now – JOIN HERE!  Just choose ANY one of the CEO level kits and you’ll be added to our Team Lisa page, with all the info you need to start a successful business partnered with Lisa!  Our team is growing fast – don’t miss out!

We will have a lot more details coming very soon.  This was just announced today so you’re reading it hot off the press!  Contact me if you want more details – but don’t delay!  Word of Lisa Bearnson’s partnership with Youngevity  is going to spread quickly – this is your chance to join Team Lisa NOW and start building your business!!!

Team Lisa ScrapCraze Logo

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